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How to Access and Use McAfee Password Manager Toolbar?

Purchased and wish to access its password manager toolbar? This guide is definitely for you! But before you actually find out how to access and utilize this toolbar, check under the Benefits of the same:

  1. Using McAfee Password Manager, you can record user names and passwords to get them automatically

  2. Aids in setting up a profile to populate more extensive web forms automatically

  3. McAfee Password supervisor helps in creating the secure passwords for all your frequently used sites

To get the McAfee Password features and functions while You operate online, all you need to do is sign in from the McAfee Password drop-down menu in your web browser's toolbar. Whenever you do so, McAfee can automatically fetch your signal in credentials for websites which require a user name and password. If it does not, contact McAfee Support Number.

This menu gives complete freedom to the consumers to access their favorite websites and auto-fill the information into web forms. This not only saves times but also increases productivity as a user doesn't need to take care of unnecessary hassle of logging into quite a few websites

Please note that if the McAfee password icon and related Drop-down menu do not display in the browser, check the browser add-ons or extension listing and make sure that it's enabled. To get the Password Manager Toolbar

  1. Open the Internet Browser

  2. Once you setup the Password Management, you can see a McAfee icon from the toolbar of your web browser

  3. Click on that icon and You'll see a drop-down menu of Password Management attributes

  4. At first, the icon is grayed-out

  • If You Cannot see the icon from your browser, then just restart your computer system and If It's still not there, phone McAfee Toll-Free Number to Obtain an instant help from an expert

  • To activate the Password Management Features and Functions, click on the McAfee icon and sign in with your account symbol in details

  • Following the powerful sign in, the McAfee icon, which was previously grayed-out, will turn green

  • Click that icon or the arrow positioned just next to it to view the menu of the features

  • You can now avail to store and conduct other businesses Online

With the help of these menus, you can easily access your Favorite websites, fill out the forms with the necessary details in a subject of Seconds, save the entered information in to forms to be further used in the long run, and also set preferences for the Password supervisor, respectively.

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